The financial component of your wellness journey can become complicated by changing markets and economic circumstances, as well as by your evolving family, career, or business situations. As your finances grow more complex, we can help provide you and your family with a clear plan to help you live well.

Wealth Building

There’s usually a long period of life when you’re establishing financial stability and working towards financial freedom. We have more than five decades of collective expertise in managing personal finances, so we can assist you to focus on what’s relevant and most important to you. Our goal during these wealth-building years is to help you enjoy life in the present while securing the future you want.

Together, we strive to:

  • Set detailed goals across all five aspects of Total Wellness
  • Structure a portfolio to help support achievement of your goals
  • Track and manage your investments to help pursue desired returns
  • Establish a holistic plan to help achieve your ideal retirement
  • Devise overall strategies that can help minimize your tax bite

Business Ownership

As an entrepreneur, your business is likely to be your passion as well as your most valuable financial asset. Successfully running your business is demanding and time-consuming. This doesn’t always allow time for building your personal wealth. That’s where Beacon Bridge comes in. We believe our guidance can help you plan for greater success, optimize your company’s value, and secure your financial future.

Together, we strive to:

  • Align your personal, family, and business goals across all aspects of Total Wellness
  • Provide comprehensive business planning and value optimization
  • Develop an exit plan in line with the retirement lifestyle you want
  • Work to strategically help keep your taxes as low as possible


When you reach retirement age, you want to have all the resources you need to fully enjoy it. That includes financial resources as well as relationships, health, lifestyle, and purpose. We believe our Total Wellness approach addresses the full picture because we want to make sure that along with living happily right now, you’re preserving the assets and creating the legacy you want to leave for generations to come.

Together, we strive to:

  • Strategize your income distribution plan to pursue your retirement goals
  • Make sure your investments can help see you through your retirement years
  • Plan your withdrawals and manage your accounts that can help minimize taxes
  • Assist you and your family with legacy and estate planning

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